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Kevin Reeves is the Founder/CEO/CIO of the American Financial Marketing Group Inc.  Kevin has extensive stakeholder and management experience across multiple business sectors such as Financials, Industrial Construction,  Telecommunications,  Health and Automotive.

VP Human Resources


Director Of Health, Safety & Environmental Compliance

Sarah Johnson is the Vice President of Human Resources and Director of Health Safety and Environmental compliance.   She is a graduae of Baton Rouge Community College Nursing School and is a registered nurse, certified OSHA compliance officer and trainer.  Sarah has extensive experience in hospital administration, emergency response,  home health and industrial safety.

Chief Operating Officer

Sai Espinoza is Chief Operating Officer of AFMG Industrial Services.  He is a graduate of University of Texas Brownsville and specializes in project management for maritime industrial construction, transportation and logistics.  His management oversight experience includes projects for Exxon Mobil, Bollinger,  Boccard, Team Industrial Services, and Kiewit.

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